Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Metamorphosis” 

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A bad omen cast a shadow over Obi’s birth: will his light survive and emerge from the darkness?

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play hero shooter game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier.
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Production Company: Electronic Arts & Passion Pictures
Directed by: Robert Valley
Sound Design and Mix: Source Sound Inc
All other categories: Electronic Arts & Respawn Entertainment

Original song: “No Peace” by Vector
Remixed by: Phoenician Order Music




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Comments 12 179   
Sadman Alam
Sadman Alam 3 hours ago
This reminds me of Zima Blue.
Papillon4_7K 6 hours ago
played lil nas's montero over this. 6/10
833ms 8 hours ago
“The Story of a Minecraft Enderman” -Hamsterguy101
Dr shock
Dr shock 9 hours ago
Mf enderman update
CoffeeAddictedRat 9 hours ago
That kid has a salmon for a head
Donovan Bayze
Donovan Bayze 16 hours ago
0:52 Dababy car
courtney Mr5u1cid3
courtney Mr5u1cid3 17 hours ago
Has anyone else mentioned how beautiful obi mom was training him
SketchBlitz 17 hours ago
Robert Valley never misses
vashchenko1 Day ago
Ну и шляпа...
Jonathon King
Reminds me of the first episode from Love Deaths+Robots with the artist swimmer cyborg
Little ghost
Little ghost Day ago
Deals 10 damage to hulk with wingman
Sean YZY
Sean YZY Day ago
That ending shot with his eye only would be a sick BG.
The Jester
The Jester Day ago
Can someone tell me the songs name please?
Jakob Lightcap
Jakob Lightcap 2 days ago
So we all have to admit, with a mother as a master in martial art, and a father as a great engineer, of course he is a legend.
Tristan Avila
Tristan Avila 2 days ago
So he & Wraith are the only Legends with Glowy Eyes.
Shrutika GONDKAR
Shrutika GONDKAR 2 days ago
Oh my God oh my God only when they left I'm so excited for the new legend
Keegan Murray
Keegan Murray 2 days ago
Looks like the one episode of love death robots
Senpai Daks
Senpai Daks 2 days ago
cypher 2.0
Nomicon 2 days ago
MetAmOrPHosiS MetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiSMetAmOrPHosiS - Playboi carti/God
Spoopy Meat
Spoopy Meat 2 days ago
The last time i heard the word Metamorphosis, it didn't end so well
BilboShwaggins 2 days ago
Love, Death and Robots Vibes anyone?
Ifau Posala
Ifau Posala 2 days ago
So lol nas x is in the game?
GHL Shadowx
GHL Shadowx 3 days ago
why his head as a child built like dababy car
S K 3 days ago
Super hero landing!
ShinsuiOkatami 3 days ago
My man really whipped out the spiderman swagger
incubore 3 days ago
yo are these the same animators who did ‘Zima Blue’ from Love, Death & Robots? the animation style is super similar
Platinum 3 days ago
Love, Death and EA
macaroni 3 days ago
Eric Lee
Eric Lee 3 days ago
The animation and vibe is exactly like zima blue from love death and robot
M4sterD1ck 4 days ago
and nobody will notice that the style and mb even the voice is completely stolen from one of the "Love, death and robots" series?
Boran Akça
Boran Akça 4 days ago
This has the same artstyle from Zima blue in love death and robots
SalamiLid69! 4 days ago
Huh. Apex Legends “Emergence”. Stories From The Outlands “Metamorphosis”. Where have I seen these words before. Hmm….
alexis_ 19
alexis_ 19 4 days ago
0:51 Dababy car reference 😳
Dayton Winfield
Dayton Winfield 4 days ago
Did the guy’s who did the art for this trailer work on Love death and robots? I can’t be the only one who sees it.
Nob_ody 4 days ago
So fall damage isn't a thing at all in the apex universe.
ZeRo 4 days ago
There is no such thing as a coincidence
Random bjr and more
bro they got love.death. and robots on this
Chompomp 4 days ago
lil nas x
Jose Carlos
Jose Carlos 4 days ago
Love, death and robots
Tron Roos
Tron Roos 4 days ago
a afrofuturist legend, very nice!
John Findlay
John Findlay 4 days ago
they should make this a movie
Jaylin Dawson
Jaylin Dawson 4 days ago
Im still confused on how seer survived that fall unless he was already in the games
Steve Catedral
Steve Catedral 4 days ago
Imma bout to ride back to the old town road with this new legend
Steve Catedral
Steve Catedral 4 days ago
finally, a human manifestation of lamp lovers
ilnoto_fenix 4 days ago
0:52 thababycar let's gooooooooooooooooo
Nathan Winters585
He better be the next best legend
谷口和永 5 days ago
Silent00 5 days ago
That animation came from Zima Blue from Love Death and Robots
Elson Alquiza
Elson Alquiza 5 days ago
"One glance will reduce a mountain to dust" he is the "there is no such thing as a coincidence guy"
Nothing 5 days ago
background is suppb
James Hermoso
James Hermoso 5 days ago
Zima blue? Anyone?
Furry Kun
Furry Kun 5 days ago
Love it I hope there is ever a story from the outlands for mirage
Suur Smurffi
Suur Smurffi 5 days ago
Ah yes. The new apex legend. Pool cleaner
Iron Fist
Iron Fist 5 days ago
Fix titanfalll
VenomTheCat 5 days ago
Worst story from the outlands yet...
MF COOM 5 days ago
So.... he's just lil nasx
Barney ross
Barney ross 5 days ago
marvin brooks - ghost (2wei remix)
The_Crusader 5 days ago
Why am i getting tron uprising vibes from this?
YOUsokolovTUBE 5 days ago
это новая серия "Любовь. Смерть. Роботы" ???
Barney ross
Barney ross 5 days ago
C est quoi la musique ???
Aidan Schofield
Aidan Schofield 5 days ago
Does anyone know the name of the artist who did this? He or she has such a unique style, and I've seen their work before on love death and robots. I just gotta find out their name.
Iban vazquez
Iban vazquez 5 days ago
His Mom is thick ..
ari tre_
ari tre_ 5 days ago
Zima Blue!
R3B1RTH 5 days ago
You could actually focus on fixing the game instead of making pro-left characters. Left-wing activists don't play games. Gamers do. So do something for us, and not for them. Please. Also they hid the dislikes. What a pity.
ZloyTorn 5 days ago
Zima Blue?
KARMAxd 6 days ago
0:51 dababy car
ROLIIM 6 days ago
Is it just me or he looks like lil nas x
Locabo 6 days ago
What is that song it's 🔥
Ernest 6 days ago
Zima blue?
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 6 days ago
this looks so much like the zima blue style animation from love death and robots!! :0
Steven I
Steven I 6 days ago
Brenand 14
Brenand 14 6 days ago
It has zima blue vibes
Baffa Bee
Baffa Bee 6 days ago
Nigerian! 🥺 🇳🇬
bruh hugo
bruh hugo 6 days ago
Lil nas y
Amaritsu 6 days ago
What is his abilities?????
Darren Pasch
Darren Pasch 6 days ago
1:11 Seer Is So Cool
Amazing cars of Pakistan
Art style is trash
Topaz 7 days ago
sussy baka 😩
Isaiah hope
Isaiah hope 7 days ago
That love death robots animation tho
Minus Killer_220
Minus Killer_220 7 days ago
Jim Milton
Jim Milton 7 days ago
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 7 days ago
1:38 you’re about to have a bad time
Caliber Commentary
0:52 dababy car
Ppshark 7 days ago
this looks so much like the zima blue style animation from love death and robots!! :0
Jose Marconi Yap
Jose Marconi Yap 7 days ago
Different kind of metamorphosis
4bidden 7 days ago
I like the butterfly effect theme that's going on here
Facu Jiménez Herrera
Same artist as love death and robots season 1, amazing but very similar
SeYazuki 7 days ago
i got the spiderman vibe
arme`de`foi 7 days ago
Love. death and Robots - sky blue?
daddy viper
daddy viper 7 days ago
Is that lil nas x?
Keskinis Chris
Keskinis Chris 7 days ago
Gino Falche
Gino Falche 7 days ago
There is no such thing as a coincidence.
Mom of 3
Mom of 3 7 days ago
Why Does he look like dababy
The Reverend
The Reverend 7 days ago
So magic is confirmed now in Titanfall universe?
jj harris
jj harris 7 days ago
When I first saw this on tic tok I legit thought it was from love death and robots
Some Guy
Some Guy 7 days ago
1:38 you’re about to have a bad time
*DAB* Mod in Among Us