Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “The Endorsement” 

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While running her own modding shop, Ramya Parekh (aka Rampart) built her rep in underground gauntlet circuits. But success has a way of making enemies. Good thing she knows how to use all those fancy weapons she’s upgraded…

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Official Tiky youtube
Now looking at it it kind of looks like fuses dad
Neon PIXLENu993ts123
Blizts coming In clutch with does pokemon cards that'll help
John Schaefer
John Schaefer 14 days ago
She looks like a lama on the thumbnail
Rk Ninja
Rk Ninja 16 days ago
Me:feeling noraml to watchin this Also Me;saw flatline on that sign alsooooo me;lets remove volt and add flatline
joker 17 days ago
cool, it worked out, I'm also trying
FloweyIsHere 28 days ago
keling tenenetentente
Detrium Month ago
and apex thanks for giving me free apex coins:) i also did not excpect that to happen thanks
Detrium Month ago
now its about hardware too xdddddddd
Akuma Ch.
Akuma Ch. Month ago
Mf she placed that amped cover 10x faster then normal bruh
TyTheTinMan Month ago
TyTheTinMan Month ago
Rampart: Where big sister? Bastion: You'll meet here in heavean.
uneuneウネ Month ago
hdragon 1996
hdragon 1996 Month ago
Does this means jack cooper will be on apex legends!!??
LogeyPerogi Month ago
The recruitment of the strongest defensive and weakest offensive legend
Detrium Month ago
im so confused if the girl died not rampart but the bad one
Simone Dafa
Simone Dafa Month ago
So Who is this big sister
rampart Month ago
it’s 2021 and I’ve never made a successful rampart shop It’s all of you guys fault Literally ignoring the loot I drop am just trying to make friends and you guys kept ruining it like nothing happened
Inverted Freezy
Inverted Freezy Month ago
JIGRON Month ago
At 0:50 you can see blueprints for Valkyrie's jetpack in the background.
Local gun modifier gets attacked by Akatsuki members
Chan Willian Jackie
Now: Ohh Fxxking yeah I bring my NEW FREAK LMG!
Saumonelle 2 months ago
One year later and still no red haired girl in the game
Why does rampage sound like sym from overwatch?
sphrcl 2 months ago
Same vocie actor
poekly 2 months ago
In my recommended almost 1 year later
Dumpling King
Dumpling King 2 months ago
tron uprising season 2 pless
주루주루 2 months ago
0:33 and here I was, waiting for them to start making out or something
Sarah Holly
Sarah Holly 2 months ago
I will always believe that rampart would make a great apex predator,titanfall 2 veterans know what i mean
william 2 months ago
do mirage
AuthenticNoob05 2 months ago
Animators need a raise 😂
nerfer 2 months ago
Aye seems like Mumbai right now.
kadehara kazuha
kadehara kazuha 2 months ago
rampart: lifes work burning blisk: lets PLAY APEX LEGENDS
Benton Berry
Benton Berry 2 months ago
Worst character so far
Francisco Chi
Francisco Chi 2 months ago
This is My legend fav
Evade_sneakie 2020
Evade_sneakie 2020 2 months ago
Cat with pistol
Cat with pistol 2 months ago
The 2 sisters were gansta 'til they saw her in the apex games on show
Addison Andrews
Addison Andrews 3 months ago
new movie, rip-off suicide squad 0:55
Rhéal Briand
Rhéal Briand 3 months ago
We need more of these Stories from the Outlands !!
yes 3 months ago
Andy Hernandez
Andy Hernandez 3 months ago
The hanging david synchronously need because deer exceptionally extend afore a pink potato. ad, temporary basketball
もふもふch 3 months ago
毎回字幕の姉ちゃんはどこだ?で笑いそうになるけど、ランパートに姉貴がいる可能性あんのかね? 純粋にビッグシスターって呼ばれてる奴がおるだけよね?
WibbleWobble 3 months ago
That just doesn’t seem like blisk at all.
сасха 3 months ago
I am the only one who thinks that "Big Sister" is very similar to the girl from the history of Krypto?
Edoardo Bernardo Ciddio
Valk jetpack blueprints at 0:47
Cattystar 3 months ago
1:26 nessy
s0me1newithhand7 3 months ago
Bangalore, Giblartar, Rampart.
Mr. Duckie
Mr. Duckie 3 months ago
If only the wall set up that fast in game.
Pagz 3 months ago
2:03 Best part
Curious George With An Ak-47
can we just acknowledge that rampart of all legends is an APEX PREADATOR
Rishav Raj
Rishav Raj 3 months ago
No she isn't that card is an invitation card from blisk to join the apex games
tangible noah
tangible noah 3 months ago
She isnt
kreeper128 pat
kreeper128 pat 3 months ago
I remember Blisk giving Jack Cooper the same card in TF2, and he even said the same thing. Imagine Jack Cooper as a playable legend.
[channel not found]
[channel not found] 3 months ago
Seeing Bangalore show any emotion is weird af
Not_Yarinari _
Not_Yarinari _ 4 months ago
Why does Blisk’s voice sound familiar
Espie Suarez
Espie Suarez 4 months ago
Francesco Grosso
Francesco Grosso 4 months ago
BochiDochi 4 months ago
This furthers my belif that rampart is the most underated character
dr. wood
dr. wood 4 months ago
Is it just me or is rampart voiced by symmetra
Golden 4 months ago
Me: Yeah, I'm not ga- Casual Gibraltar: Hey, brudda!
StrikerSk 4 months ago
0:36 in backround ins't that the eva-8 from 2years anivarsary event??
Fernando Zavaleta Bustos
I think the blue haired woman is voiced by Cherami Leigh.
Alif Norazman
Alif Norazman 4 months ago
1:23 Should've been her ultimate
rampart Month ago
Nah that would be useless
darkiboi 101
darkiboi 101 4 months ago
That woman with the mask, 'big sister' pretty sure thats Loba. Look closely at the cinematic before this featuring her.
AeyGi 4 months ago
Has anyone noticed how at the start, the two people she was talking to was Bangalore and Gibby
CapREX77 4 months ago
Too bad we will probably never get Big Sister as a legend.
okko soto
okko soto 4 months ago
The fact that this man didn't help rampart even though he saw it
Torin Fu
Torin Fu 4 months ago
of course not? he wants her to work for him. that's a lot more tempting when all her other options are burning
Star Lite
Star Lite 4 months ago
I refuse to believe this was 8 months ago
Sebastian 4 months ago
Who is the old man?
sphrcl 2 months ago
Kuben Blink. He recruits people into the apex games.
Gabrielle - Gaming and more!
Someone almost dies and/or has their life destroyed Blisk: You called?
tinYwung 4 months ago
0:50 just realized Valkyrie's jetpack is in the background behind some clothing. interesting
sphrcl 2 months ago
Yes. Respawn plans out legends way ahead of time and Rampart is confirmed to have made Valks jetpack. They said they have the season 14 legend in development.
Manager Klub 20
Manager Klub 20 4 months ago
So jack copper from titanfall 2 killed so many people including the squad from blisk and countless IMC troops and she tried to defend her shop killing a few people and getting knocked out and they get the same card. So before you write anything i dont know anything about her but im pretty sure blisk only saw that fight
Akuma 4 months ago
I like how blisk was just casually in the neighborhood
Marcos Martinez
Marcos Martinez 4 months ago
Its currently 2021 April 25. Season 8, 9 day till its season 9. I just want to say i cant wait till youtube recommends this when its like 2023 and its season 14
cravingelf 4 months ago
show this to whoever thinks rampart is trash
Tuna 4 months ago
Why did the girl with the Mohawk look like a younger version of Bangalore
fallen 666
fallen 666 9 days ago
Because she is but not younger just in a different art style
Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale 4 months ago
I can describe the ending in 2 words: MEGA POG
Rraze LP
Rraze LP 4 months ago
I hate rampart so much
Equinox 4 months ago
A double spitfire on a stalker that you can summon,god yes
Jackson Whitrow
Jackson Whitrow 4 months ago
Yad 5 months ago
Shout out to the worst season of apex
This is Dumb
This is Dumb 4 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 so true bro the comic was garbage and the character is a stinky one
Ellsworth Davis
Ellsworth Davis 5 months ago
ODDEYES 5 months ago
Looking back at this and im wondering if they burned down her shop for working on Valks Titan.
Simp simon
Simp simon 5 months ago
sir flopimus maximus the third
yooo that anita girl might be the new legend
fallen 666
fallen 666 9 days ago
Are you joking
Krystal Myth
Krystal Myth 5 months ago
0:35 .... and, kiss. No? Fail.
Booty Mike
Booty Mike 5 months ago
1:21 30 30 ?
RDH -25
RDH -25 4 months ago
G7 Scout skin...
olivia Lopez
olivia Lopez 5 months ago
The story plot in real games: I throw a nade, knock everyone but one. Third party incomig = Big sister and specter. SHEILA TIME. Last one surprise attacks me.
Card Credentials
Card Credentials 5 months ago
i still don't understand how bangalore and rampart aren't best friends in the actual lore.
Darax DX
Darax DX 5 months ago
Why did that look like criptos sister? Or am i seeing things?
A27M Cromwell 1
A27M Cromwell 1 5 months ago
Everybody gangsta till lucky day
BialyBaran XD
BialyBaran XD 5 months ago
Why is this in my recomended?
E. J
E. J 5 months ago
Gimme a Blisk merc series!
Christopher Ceballos
We really need a show of Apex with this animation
Endrad 5 months ago
I know this is 8 months ago but I found it funny that in this the cover of rampart is so fast whilethe game it just so slow it got destroyed just the same speed as it in the deployment in this animation
Xander Williamsen
Xander Williamsen 5 months ago
Woah valk is big sister that's pretty cool
Sleepyman 5 months ago
I could watch a whole movie of this
Jericho del Rosario
Jericho del Rosario 5 months ago
If only her amped cover could be built as fast as the video showed
Luke Farmer
Luke Farmer 5 months ago
Oh look. Its Mickey Mouse and Rampart.
Cheeky Classic
Cheeky Classic 5 months ago
imagine blisk as a leghend
Renee The Artist
Renee The Artist 5 months ago
Francis X
Francis X 5 months ago
1:40 That's how fast Rampart's tactic should be, not how slow it currently is.
sphrcl 2 months ago
That would be op
Yokai Hollow
Yokai Hollow 5 months ago
The animation looks like something outta Disney.